Friday, May 31, 2013

Round Table conference on Cell Tower radiation in Delhi on 28th May 2013

Neha Kumar: Round Table conference in Delhi on 28th May 2013: Based on the Round Table conference in Delhi on 28th May 2013, following coverage appeared in Rajasthan Patrika - Jaipur 29-05-013 Page 12 ...


  1. Sir please suggest how to protect from the radiation effects as we live just beside the cell tower n I have been noticing its affects health..please help me out..thankyou

  2. I am sorry I did not check my blog for last several months. You can get radiation measurement done to know whether radiation is high or not. If high, then you can ask cell operators to reduce the transmitted power or remove the tower or go for shielding solution. You can contact NESA Radiation solutions, Navi Mumbai at (022) 41241800 or send an email at